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About this site


Accessibility is important. I am trying to build pages for all people but probably missing some details and/or don't know enough about the web development. If you encounter any problem or have a suggestion about accessibility, please send me an email from and I will fix it.


Unless specifically stated otherwise, all written content by author licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

Code of the website just markup, plain HTML and actually don't deserve a mention.

Any other licensed or unlicensed content probably clearly stated but if you notice any lack of information and/or mistakes, please send me an email about it from and I will fix it.

Technical Details


I am building it with a fistful of HTML tags, a little sweat and some content. I am using Emacs for coding and writing. Hosting is managed, based on FreeBSD and Apache.


My pages not include CSS, JavaScript, dynamic content, accounts, trackers, analytics, cookies, comments, etc. I don't need any insights from analytics and I don't logging anything about visits but perchance my hosting provider possibly logging some data for security. Be aware and always defend your personal privacy.


I bought .xyz domain, because it was available and cheap. Also, last three letters of Latin alphabet looks like an eccentric thing.


I don't like comments section on personal webpages or blogs and even if they works as expected, creates another maintenance burden for owner. So, no comments section but you can always send an email to me from and share your thoughts.


Because of some technical choices, site deserved to join these online clubs, proudly: