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My full name is P. Vitus Ardentis Crispus, but just "Vitus" (or "pvac" on textual platforms) is enough. P. is the abbreviated form of Publius, which is a very common praenomen.

I am a merry man; an amateur, an archaic, an autodidact and somehow a little bit contrarian. I am married to the love of my life and have two lovely cats.

I am a high school graduate. I got into university education 4 (yes, four) times with different majors every time, but I couldn't finish any of them and got a diploma.

I am a sleep person, or asleep person just for the sake of pun. I always like to get enough sleep. Also, I am sleeping almost every midday, at least for twenty minutes, for my beauty.

My other passion is baths, like dear Douglas Adams. I am bathing, showering daily and getting some inspiration and relaxation. Recommended.

Learning, Reading and Writing

I like learning; reading and writing are important to me, and researching topics I like makes me happy. I have a humble personal library; mostly fiction, but a tidy amount of technical works can be found. I don't lend physical books willingly. Rereading is a big part of my habit. Physically, I can read everywhere, but my favourite place is my sitting room sofa, my office desk is maybe second.

I am a writer, in my own right. I like to write essays, some fiction, and at one point, some poems. I prefer big straw papers, fountain pens, and pencils. Most of my notebooks are A5 size, and my sticky note papers are rounded and pink. I like typewriters and have a few, but they are noisy for an apartment and not in active use.