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About computers


I am using computers, maybe too much. I am surfing the net regularly, writing and printing things, tinkering with fonts, playing games, etc. Reading about computer/computing history is one of my niche pleasures. I would collect 80's homecomputers if I were filthy rich and more organised; the Commodore 64 and Amiga still kick my hacker instincts. Nowadays, most of my modern computing stack is composition of UNIX-derived operating systems running on common x86 and ARM hardware. But I am always fond of alternatives like GEOS, Beos (Haiku nowadays), AmigaOS/MorphOS, MenuetOS, minix, SerenityOS, SunOS, RISC OS, Xinu, etc.

You can read some chronological but messy anecdotes, mostly about my hardware history, on this page: A Little Bit of History.

Maybe I can add a "uses" page in the upcoming days.